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Apply for your loan online from anywhere in Colombia

Through the internet, there are many facilities that in recent years have been generated to access any type of service, from ordering your lunch, to planning your December vacation. All these facilities have been given thanks to the easy connectivity and accessibility of the Internet; This in turn has allowed companies to offer more specialized services to their customers, as is the case with online loans. An ideal service for those with the need to receive a loan quickly, easily, and without having to go to a banking establishment.

These types of services offer great advantages over traditional credit processes, and allow people who normally have problems or restrictions to apply for a loan in the usual way, can request an amount of money to cover their needs.


Loans online without a bureau.

Loans online without a bureau.

Not one of the main inconveniences that you may have when applying for a loan in any bank is that you restrict the possibility of requesting a loan if you do not have an extensive financial or credit history, also known as a bureau.

Many entities rely on the bureau to know who they can lend to and who cannot, given that a person with more financial history is much more reliable and secure to pay than one who does not have it.

But with Astro Finance you shouldn’t worry about not having a bureau to apply for your loan online; Our system allows you to make a request like this before you have never had any financial commitment with any other entity.


Online loans to reported.

Online loans to reported.

Being reported in a central risk is one of the main impediments in many banks to apply for a loan, because being reported is equivalent to a notification of default on previous loans, as well as a high risk of not paying in future loans; but here in Astro Finance we know that it is not always your fault to be reported; Health reasons, unemployment or any other type of calamity can make you fall into these inconveniences.

Taking into account that being reported is not always a voluntary issue, we give you the opportunity to apply with us to online loans regardless of whether you are reported in a central risk or have a penalty for having been in default.


How to apply for a loan online?


With Astro Finance applying for a loan online instantly is very easy. Our credits range from $ 150,000 to $ 1,000,000; but remember that if it is the first time you apply with us, the maximum amount you can request is $ 600,000 (this value is subject to an analysis by our system), and remember that the maximum period you have with Astro Finance to cancel your Credit is 30 days.


What do you ask me to apply for a loan online?

loan online?

To apply with Astro Finance you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be of age. If you are a foreigner you must have an immigration card.
  • Be residing in Colombia.
  • Have a bank account in your name, it can be savings or checking.
    • Note: Accounts such as Daviplata, Savings at hand or similar, are not valid to apply.
  • Own cell number.
  • Personal email contact.

Christmas travel loans. Keys and tips

Would you like to travel on Navidade s but you are going on a budget? Do not worry, because today there are many possibilities. So if you want to make the trip of your dreams for Christmas but you don’t know how, we tell you the keys to make it happen once and for all.


Take advantage of this Christmas to go on a trip

Take advantage of this Christmas to go on a trip

Nowadays, if you are looking for a bit on the Internet, you will surely find incredible bargains or even last minute offers to travel for very little money. And if you add to that all the possibilities that there are in terms of online loans, you have everything in a tray to say if I want to travel at Christmas. But where to start?


1. Choose destination and dates

travel loans

The first thing you have to do is think about what destination you want to go for Christmas and on what dates. As you know, there are cheaper and more expensive, it also depends on whether the country you are going to is high or low season, so you should take all this into account when choosing your Christmas trip.


2. Compare prices

2. Compare prices

If you want to save money, it is best to organize the trip yourself. Use comparators for transport and accommodation, to get the lowest possible price on both. In this way, you will have more room to spend and enjoy during the trip, to try the gastronomy, visit museums or simply come loaded with souvenirs.


3. Budget can you afford it?

3. Budget can you afford it?

When you have the trip fully organized, you will know the real budget you need to make the Christmas trip of your dreams come true. It includes everything to be perfect and always pulls up (better than what is missing).

Once you have your budget ready, you just have to check if you can afford it or if you have to apply for a loan. If you stay very fair, you can always look for a cheaper destination to go more baggy.

Of course, you can also fulfill your desire for this Christmas trip and take a course, after all, life is two days and you have to live it. In the case that you choose this option and do not have enough savings, do not worry because there are some loans.


Request a loan for your Christmas trip

Request a loan for your Christmas trip

Did you know that more and more people are asking for travel loans ? The truth is that, fulfilling dreams is something that is priceless. And if your dream is a Christmas trip to your favorite destination and during the time you feel like it, it is best that you throw yourself into the pool and make it possible. Surely it is unforgettable.

And, asking for a loan to travel or for any other whim is something that is totally the order of the day. Especially since today we have many facilities to access this money, because you can ask for your loan to travel through the Internet.

How? In Fundlinko we collaborate with the best financial institutions to offer you the best conditions in your personal loan. You will only have to enter our loan website and start a simulation of the money you need for your Christmas trip. From 1,000 to 50,000 dollars!

To start the application, just download the Fundlinko app for your mobile, connect your bank accounts and see how much you can request and under what conditions. At that time, you will only have to go to the loans section and request the amount you need, you can have between 1,000 and 40,000 dollars.