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Serious credit without Credit Bureau – is there such a thing?

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Loans without Credit Bureau, for many consumers these financial products are still automatically dubious. A few years ago, this may still have been the case, but nowadays the statement “credit without Credit Bureau” cannot be automatically associated with a lack of seriousness. for a critique

Credit without school – what is it?

Credit without school - what is it?

In Germany, the procedure is very well known. Regardless of whether it is a cell phone contract or a loan. Nothing works without a Credit Bureau query. Thanks to this institution, there is either green or red light. Because a negative Credit Bureau automatically means that the required credit is not approved or, for example, the cell phone contract is not concluded. A weak credit rating automatically means higher interest rates when lending than with a borrower whose Credit Bureau file is sparkling white.

In other countries, however, something like a Credit Bureau is not known at all. For example, credit without Credit Bureau is also known, for example, under the name “Swiss credit”. When you request a loan from Switzerland, there is no entry in Credit Bureau.

Loan at negative credit bureau

Loan at negative credit bureau

Obviously, it can be assumed that every applicant who does not receive a credit here due to a negative Credit Bureau file simply tries it through a Swiss financial service provider. Although there is no Credit Bureau in Switzerland, certain conditions must also be met with a Swiss loan, such as:

  • The applicant’s place of residence must be in Germany
  • The applicant must have reached the age of 18
  • Proof of salary from self-employed or non-self-employed work must be provided. Low earners are not necessarily rejected here
  • If assignment of salary is not possible or is not sufficient, the applicant must provide security
  • The self-employed also have to provide collateral

Credit without school- Possible for pensioners, unemployed and students.

Credit without school- Possible for pensioners, unemployed and students.

A credit without Credit Bureau is usually also available for unemployed, housewives and Social Welfare recipients, according to Fine Bank. Since in these cases an assignment of the salary is not possible, security must be provided in return. This can be, for example, a land charge (if property is available) or the vehicle letter. Retirees and students also have good chances of getting a loan without Credit Bureau at many Swiss loan providers.

In which case does a loan withou credit check and credit bureau mean.

In which case does a loan withou credit check and credit bureau mean.

Not every customer who chooses a Swiss loan has a poor or even negative credit rating. Many people who take out such a loan simply do not want to weaken their creditworthiness with a financial liability and therefore prefer to take out a loan from Switzerland.

Such a loan is not recommendable at all if the banks refuse because of the already large payment obligations. In this case, contacting debt counseling is more appropriate than taking out another loan.

How do you process?

How do you process?

In this case too, applications can be made easily and conveniently from your home computer. The application is subjected to a standardized examination. This is followed by an online acceptance. The intermediary then takes action and starts looking for a suitable donor. The loan amount is then paid either by bank transfer or in cash, by post. In Switzerland, discretion is still very important in this area. For this reason, the monthly installments do not necessarily have to be paid via bank transfer, but can also be paid in cash at the bank counter.

If you choose a loan from Switzerland, you should pay attention to the reliability of the provider. Dubious providers often unmask that there are any costs involved in advance. In addition, the loan request is often accompanied by a home savings contract or life insurance.

Serious providers, on the other hand, are financed solely by the commissions paid by the respective bank. Furthermore, commission payment is only made if a contract has also been concluded. Since the interest rates at Swiss banks are quite different, a comparison of providers is worthwhile.

Private loans possible without school?

Private loans possible without school?

Since the reputation of many savings banks and banks has suffered massively in recent years, the possibility of credit from private became increasingly interesting for many people. And not only for people who would not get a loan from a bank anyway, but also for those who have a very good credit rating. In the meantime, there are some platforms on the Internet that enable private loans. The respective portal only acts as an intermediary between the lender and the loan seeker.

However, a Credit Bureau check is always carried out on such portals. But here usually only customers who have very hard entries in the Credit Bureau are rejected, such as bankruptcy. The interest rate is higher with this form of lending because the increased default risk is factored in at the same time. Nevertheless, there are enough interested parties and investors who prefer this type of lending.

Credit without credit bureau – a conclusion.

Credit without credit bureau - a conclusion.

Even if the prejudice persists, loans without Credit Bureau cannot be classified as dubious in principle. In the meantime there are numerous brokers who have worked here extremely professionally and seriously for years. And so also give people with poor credit ratings a real chance of a loan. But even if it sounds so simple and easy, the applicants have to fulfill some requirements for a loan without Credit Bureau.


How to get a loan?

Social Security Card

Applying for funding at FundSave Finance is much faster and easier than you imagine. As a fintech company, FundSave Finance is a company very close to the client, and offers many facilities when requesting financing. You can do it 24 hours a day and any day of the year, completely online and free. The best thing is that you can have the best bank and financial loans without depending on them. We explain how!

1. Enter the FundSave Finance Loans section through the app or through the website, select the amount and the fee that best suits your needs.

2. Verify your phone and complete some simple information.

3. Our personal advisors will call you offering you the best financial offer in the market.

You will not need to open new bank accounts or link to a bank. It is a totally independent loan. You can choose the amount and the fee and adapt the loan to your needs. In addition, in just a few minutes, and without leaving FundSave Finance, you will have the financing you need available.

We can search for you the best options without it being necessary to change banks or open a new account. You will have the money you need but without commissions, paperwork or small print. No intermediaries will be necessary nor will you be linked to any bank. As you can see, they are all benefits! You can get in touch with our personal managers and get what you are looking for. It’s that easy and fast.


Fintech: the financing alternative

money loans

Fintech have become the perfect alternative to banks. They offer a much more flexible and open service to the client. Fintech are technology finance companies, that is, they offer technology-based financial services. They have positioned themselves as the best alternative to banks in Spain. During 2017, fintech’s business volume grew by 67%. Fintech are based on customer connectivity. Some of them offer a private credit service focused entirely on customer service. In general, the concession criteria are much simpler, they are approved more quickly and without requiring any type of guarantee.

These revolution in the financial sector has been well received in the Spanish market. According to the National Securities Market Commission, 60% more companies of this type currently operate in Spain than a year ago. In total, they have reached more than 100 million dollars during 2017.

Fintech are growing so much that they are attracting both private and institutional investors. For example, The European Bank of Investors, which contributed 18.5 million in one of these companies. They are considered a complement to banks, and not their competition. Banks are realizing the need to put the customer at the center of the processes. Therefore, more and more people decide to collaborate with fintech.


Currently one in three internet users in the world uses fintech services

Currently one in three internet users in the world uses fintech services

This figure is already double that in 2015 and the idea of ​​the future is to continue growing. Market forecasts are really favorable.

Fintech as FundSave Finance have much to contribute to the market. It is very important to know the financial products that you can have to choose the one that is best suited to your situation and your needs. You already know that in FundSave Finance we are always on your side so that you get the best conditions in all your financial products, you just have to get into our app or through the website. They are all advantages!


Is a loan the same as a loan?

Normally, users tend to use loans and credits as synonyms. But the reality is that they are two different financial products. If you want to know the differences between a loan and a credit, read on:


Loan vs credit: differences

Loan vs credit: differences

When we need extra money, we can turn to different financial products to get us out of that trouble. It is at that moment that we usually hear about loans and credits. But they are not exactly the same. Let’s know the differences.

Starting with the loan, we are facing a financial operation in which an entity or lender gives the borrower a fixed amount of money at the beginning of an operation. The condition is that the borrower returns that amount of money along with the associated interest within a certain term.

Payment of the loan repayment is usually made through monthly installments but also quarterly or semiannually, among others, over the agreed term.

As for the amount to request, it depends on the financial entity. For example, in Fintonic we offer up to 50,000 dollars, with conditions that vary according to the client’s FinScore. That is, the better the financial health, the better the conditions of said loan.

You also have the possibility of having all the money at once in your account in a matter of 24 or 48 hours, so that you have it when you need it.


Credit is the amount of money that an entity makes available to a user

money loans

The main difference is that the customer is not given the full amount at the beginning of the coup, but can use it as needed through a credit card or bank account.

The client may dispose of the money as requested, and will only pay interest for the money he uses; not for everything. Although in this case, a small commission is usually charged for the unused balance.

At the time the money is returned, more can be available, but always within the established limit, since the terms can be renewed or extended. Unlike loans.

Another difference is that interest on loans is also usually higher. For the convenience of having money at your disposal to use or not whenever you need it.

So, as you can see, these are the main differences between loans and credits. Because although it may seem the same, you see that they have little to do.


Credits are more common by companies

How do you imagine, given the characteristics of each one, credit is more used by companies. It is what is most commonly known as a line of credit, money that they always have at their disposal to use or not whenever they need it and not stay in red numbers.


Loans, the order of the day between individuals and companies

Loans are usually requested to finance the acquisition of a good or a service. That is, the purchase of a car, a reform of a house, the payment of some studies, a trip, etc. These are some of the reasons that lead users to apply for a loan. Therefore, both individuals and companies can use them as long as they need them and comply with the requirements.

Therefore, now that you know the differences, we hope you know when to apply for a loan or credit as you need. You can also ask us and we will gladly help you. We speak?


What do entities take into account to grant a loan

When applying for a loan, it is normal to have doubts about what entities take into account to grant a loan. So if you ask yourself this question, do not continue with the doubt because we reveal what you need to know.


Loan: what do entities take into account to give it?

Loan: what do entities take into account to give it?

There are several factors that are key and that financial institutions look to give or not give a loan to their customers. The main ones are the following:


Job stability

Having a stable job gives you many ballots for the bank to grant you the loan. And it is that in the eyes of an entity, it is not the same to have an indefinite contract than a work contract. So, in general, officials usually have it much easier than freelancers to get financing.



money loans

Solvency is another of the main parameters to consider. It refers to the financial capacity to cope with the payment of debts. To find out, banks usually analyze your salary, bank movements, etc. If you have savings and money to live a long time at your current pace, you may receive the personal loan what you want to apply for.



Third, there is the capacity to save. It is an important criterion that is a little linked to the previous one, but it is essential to know whether or not to give a loan to a client. In many cases, the entities analyze the patrimony of the client or if there are properties free of cartoons to use as collateral.


Purpose of the loan


Although this factor is not as important as others, it is also important, since the bank needs to know what you are going to use that money for. It is not the same to ask for money to refinance a debt than for some studies.



Financial institutions also take into account the level of indebtedness of a person. Therefore, before granting a loan, they analyze the debts that are pending: mortgages, card financing, other loans, etc. The less products you have contracted, the more ballots you will have.


What else is needed to know if I get a loan?

What else is needed to know if I get a loan?

Once you are clear about all this, it is important that you get down to work to apply for your loan. That is why many financial institutions will ask you for paperwork such as the following:

  • Last payroll and income statement : this allows them to know if you have a stable salary and / or what you earn annually.
  • CIRBE data : banks usually consult the data of the Central of Information of Risks of the MoneySparks Bank to know if you have more debts.
  • Property deeds: if you have any property, they could ask for the deeds as an additional guarantee.


With Astro Finance everything is easier!

With Fintonic everything is easier!

With Astro Finance you will not have to submit paperwork for us to give you a credit. You will simply have to register and connect your bank accounts so that we can calculate your credit score; and from it we will know what your financial capacity is to offer you an amount of money and under what conditions.

You can request between 750 and 50,000 dollars for whatever you want : studies, renovations of a house, carry out a project, pay the dentist, buy furniture, etc. What you want. And to be returned in a term and in installments that fully adapt to your current needs.


Apply for your loan online from anywhere in Colombia

Through the internet, there are many facilities that in recent years have been generated to access any type of service, from ordering your lunch, to planning your December vacation. All these facilities have been given thanks to the easy connectivity and accessibility of the Internet; This in turn has allowed companies to offer more specialized services to their customers, as is the case with online loans. An ideal service for those with the need to receive a loan quickly, easily, and without having to go to a banking establishment.

These types of services offer great advantages over traditional credit processes, and allow people who normally have problems or restrictions to apply for a loan in the usual way, can request an amount of money to cover their needs.


Loans online without a bureau.

Loans online without a bureau.

Not one of the main inconveniences that you may have when applying for a loan in any bank is that you restrict the possibility of requesting a loan if you do not have an extensive financial or credit history, also known as a bureau.

Many entities rely on the bureau to know who they can lend to and who cannot, given that a person with more financial history is much more reliable and secure to pay than one who does not have it.

But with Astro Finance you shouldn’t worry about not having a bureau to apply for your loan online; Our system allows you to make a request like this before you have never had any financial commitment with any other entity.


Online loans to reported.

Online loans to reported.

Being reported in a central risk is one of the main impediments in many banks to apply for a loan, because being reported is equivalent to a notification of default on previous loans, as well as a high risk of not paying in future loans; but here in Astro Finance we know that it is not always your fault to be reported; Health reasons, unemployment or any other type of calamity can make you fall into these inconveniences.

Taking into account that being reported is not always a voluntary issue, we give you the opportunity to apply with us to online loans regardless of whether you are reported in a central risk or have a penalty for having been in default.


How to apply for a loan online?


With Astro Finance applying for a loan online instantly is very easy. Our credits range from $ 150,000 to $ 1,000,000; but remember that if it is the first time you apply with us, the maximum amount you can request is $ 600,000 (this value is subject to an analysis by our system), and remember that the maximum period you have with Astro Finance to cancel your Credit is 30 days.


What do you ask me to apply for a loan online?

loan online?

To apply with Astro Finance you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be of age. If you are a foreigner you must have an immigration card.
  • Be residing in Colombia.
  • Have a bank account in your name, it can be savings or checking.
    • Note: Accounts such as Daviplata, Savings at hand or similar, are not valid to apply.
  • Own cell number.
  • Personal email contact.

Christmas travel loans. Keys and tips

Would you like to travel on Navidade s but you are going on a budget? Do not worry, because today there are many possibilities. So if you want to make the trip of your dreams for Christmas but you don’t know how, we tell you the keys to make it happen once and for all.


Take advantage of this Christmas to go on a trip

Take advantage of this Christmas to go on a trip

Nowadays, if you are looking for a bit on the Internet, you will surely find incredible bargains or even last minute offers to travel for very little money. And if you add to that all the possibilities that there are in terms of online loans, you have everything in a tray to say if I want to travel at Christmas. But where to start?


1. Choose destination and dates

travel loans

The first thing you have to do is think about what destination you want to go for Christmas and on what dates. As you know, there are cheaper and more expensive, it also depends on whether the country you are going to is high or low season, so you should take all this into account when choosing your Christmas trip.


2. Compare prices

2. Compare prices

If you want to save money, it is best to organize the trip yourself. Use comparators for transport and accommodation, to get the lowest possible price on both. In this way, you will have more room to spend and enjoy during the trip, to try the gastronomy, visit museums or simply come loaded with souvenirs.


3. Budget can you afford it?

3. Budget can you afford it?

When you have the trip fully organized, you will know the real budget you need to make the Christmas trip of your dreams come true. It includes everything to be perfect and always pulls up (better than what is missing).

Once you have your budget ready, you just have to check if you can afford it or if you have to apply for a loan. If you stay very fair, you can always look for a cheaper destination to go more baggy.

Of course, you can also fulfill your desire for this Christmas trip and take a course, after all, life is two days and you have to live it. In the case that you choose this option and do not have enough savings, do not worry because there are some loans.


Request a loan for your Christmas trip

Request a loan for your Christmas trip

Did you know that more and more people are asking for travel loans ? The truth is that, fulfilling dreams is something that is priceless. And if your dream is a Christmas trip to your favorite destination and during the time you feel like it, it is best that you throw yourself into the pool and make it possible. Surely it is unforgettable.

And, asking for a loan to travel or for any other whim is something that is totally the order of the day. Especially since today we have many facilities to access this money, because you can ask for your loan to travel through the Internet.

How? In Fundlinko we collaborate with the best financial institutions to offer you the best conditions in your personal loan. You will only have to enter our loan website and start a simulation of the money you need for your Christmas trip. From 1,000 to 50,000 dollars!

To start the application, just download the Fundlinko app for your mobile, connect your bank accounts and see how much you can request and under what conditions. At that time, you will only have to go to the loans section and request the amount you need, you can have between 1,000 and 40,000 dollars.


What does loan consolidation give you?

Young woman sitting at the table with laptop in front of her and looking at the paper, bill or letter

Do you have several liabilities towards financial institutions? It is getting harder to control them, so you are afraid that one day you will forget to pay one of many installments? Check what credit consolidation offers and find out if this solution is beneficial for you.

people do not shun bank loans, taking them with a view to obtaining cash for any or specific purposes. Sometimes, however, the amount and number of commitments get out of control, and one hasty decision can cause a financial disaster. A consolidation loan comes in handy.

What is the consolidation loan?

What is the consolidation loan?

A consolidation loan is a special banking product whose essence is to take over all active liabilities and convert them into one. This form of support can therefore be used by people who pay back at least two different credit products, such as:

  • credit card debt
  • a cash loan,
  • car loan,
  • installments for home appliances,
  • credit limit in a personal account.

The main condition is one – the liability cannot be past due, i.e. it must be paid on a regular basis without any arrears.

Credit consolidation – learn about the benefits

Credit consolidation - learn about the benefits

Wondering what loan consolidation gives you? It is a solution that brings many benefits.

  • A well-matched consolidation loan allows you to optimize your financial commitments so that they don’t overburden your home budget.
  • What gives credit consolidation is standardizing the payment deadline for all liabilities – with the option of choosing a specific date.
  • Due to consolidation, the repayment period can be extended, which translates into lower installments. The lower monthly payment is also the effect of more attractive financial conditions.
  • A consolidation loan helps build a good credit history – a lower monthly installment translates into repayment timeliness, which affects the overall scoring in the Credit Information Bureau.
  • In the case of high creditworthiness, the borrower can receive additional cash for any purpose.

How to get a profitable consolidation loan?

How to get a profitable consolidation loan?

You already know what loan consolidation gives you. However, in order for it to bring the expected results, you should compare available offers.

However, before this happens:

  • we create a list of liabilities that are to be consolidated,
  • We estimate the amount of consolidation
  • we send the completed application to the bank.

Thanks to this you can be sure of choosing a cheap consolidation loan.

Remember! The consolidation of liabilities is aimed at optimizing personal finances. However, it is not a remedy for serious problems – those that result in a spiral of debt.


How to get the best interest rate for your loan?

If you wonder how you can get the best interest rate for a loan, in this article we tell you step by step how you can do it; The best tricks and tips await you to make it happen.


Tips to get the best interest rate on your loan

interest rate on your loan

When applying for a personal loan, you will surely want to pay back as little as possible. It is logical, because in this way, you will have to pay less for your loan and you will be able to use personal loans more regularly, for all its advantages. But how to get the best interest?


Take advantage of the options offered by the Internet

online loans

In the digital age, users have many more options when hiring a loan. On the Internet we find numerous pages that offer loans at different interest rates. However, it is important that you verify that the company behind is completely reliable.

One of the ways to do this is to review the opinions of users through Google or social networks. This way, you can make sure if it really is trustworthy. You can also ask in forums, call them, etc.

We tell you this, so that you do not fall into any kind of trap or scam, because if they offer you excessively low interest or strange conditions, it could be somewhat unreliable. So, before signing anything, make sure it is reliable.


Compare between the different entities

money loans

Nowadays it is possible to find all types of loan comparators online. However, they are not always up to date, since there are fintech companies or entities that continuously launch loan offers. The best thing is that you compare to see who offers you the best conditions.

If you do not want to waste time comparing manually, you know that in Astro Finance we compare and negotiate with more than 10 top entities to always offer our customers the best conditions.


Have a good financial health

Have a good financial health

To get a good interest when hiring your personal loan, one of the most important factors is your financial health. That is, you must have a good score or FinScore in our case.

What does this mean? There are many parameters that determine the health of your accounts: if you have fixed income every month, saving capacity, if you have no other debts, etc. The better it is, the more likely you are to get a lower interest rate, since you will be more attractive to banks.


Deadlines and amounts

money loans

Finally, it is important that you consider the deadlines to repay the loan money and the amount to be requested. The less you order and the faster you return it, usually the lower the interest to be paid. So if you want to return less money, you better ask for only what you need.


Where to get a personal loan with low interest?

Where to get a personal loan with low interest?

In Astro Finance! If you are not a Astro Finance user yet, we invite you to join our platform now. You will simply have to download the app for your smartphone, create an account and connect your bank accounts.

Just do it, you will see a score of your accounts, what is known as FinScore. It is what measures the health of your accounts and, the higher this number, the better the conditions of your loan.

Based on this, you can request a loan from 1,000 to 40,000 dollars with the best possible conditions. So just take a look at all these tips that we propose for you to get.